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BoneTown V1.10 Trainer

Bottom window verifies you have the correct version for the game, as any trainer should. Furthermore, the trainer can run from anywhere, no need to put it in the install directory. Simply run the trainer and game at the same time. The trainer will auto-detect the game and what version it is, and tell you if it is compatible.

BoneTown v1.10 Trainer

Trainer does not need to be running for cheats to work, only to change whether they are on or off. You can run trainer, select cheats, then close trainer, and the cheats will persist as long as the game is running. This is not necessary however, as the trainer uses hardly any resources itself.

This is just a cheap trainer I made for myself in all of 20 minutes, and since nobody posted one for the unpatched version anywhere, I thought I would start here. This trainer is my first distribution on this site, and it is a very simple one on purpose. This is not well-polished, so just accept it as it is. It's sole purpose is to change code, not look pretty.

No. Currently there is no way that WalMart, GameStop, Best Buy, etc. will sell as edgy of a title as BoneTown in their stores. You can purchase BoneTown as either a digital download or a DVD box copy from


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