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Pokemon Godra: A Unique and Challenging Adventure for Pokemon Fans


Pokemon Godra is a fan-made game that was created by Greg Wilder using RPG Maker XP. It is not an official Pokemon game, but rather a tribute and a love letter to the franchise. It has been in development for several years, and has gained a loyal fanbase who appreciate its unique features and storylines.

Unlike most Pokemon games, Pokemon Godra is not focused on filling up a Pokedex or becoming a champion. Instead, it offers a choice-driven RPG experience that lets you explore two regions, East and West Godra, and pursue different career paths and storylines. You can become a Safari Zone Warden, a Military Officer, an Elite Four Member, a Researcher, or even a Criminal. Your choices will affect the outcome of the game and the fate of the regions.

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Pokemon Godra also features many Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI, as well as some original fakemon created by the developer. You can choose from 128 starter Pokemon, catch roaming legendaries, and encounter rare and powerful fakemon. The game also has updated graphics, similar to the style of Gen-IV games, and uses a Gen-V battle engine.

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to play Pokemon, then you might want to give Pokemon Godra a try. In this article, I will give you an overview of the game, its features, and some tips on how to download and play it.

How to Download and Install Pokemon Godra

The latest version of Pokemon Godra is called Godra: Remastered Version, which was released by BubblyBuizel on December 28th 2022. It is a remake and an improvement of the original version by Greg Wilder, which is no longer being updated. The remastered version fixes many bugs, adds new content, and enhances the graphics of the game.

To download Pokemon Godra: Remastered Version, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to [1]( which is the official wiki page for the game.

  • Click on the link that says "Godra Remastered Download", which will take you to a MediaFire page.

  • Click on the green button that says "Download", which will start downloading a ZIP file containing the game files.

  • Extract the ZIP file using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will get a folder called "Godra Remastered V 0.3.6".

  • Open the folder and double-click on "Game.exe", which will launch the game.

You can rename or move the folder anywhere you like, as long as you keep all the files inside it together. You can also create shortcuts or pin the game to your desktop or taskbar for easy access.

One important thing to note is that Pokemon Godra does not have an auto-save feature, so you will need to manually save your game often. To do this, you can press F5 to open the game menu, and then select "Save". You can also use the quick save option by pressing F6, which will save your game in a separate slot. To load your quick save, you can press F7.

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Another important thing to note is that Pokemon Godra may have some bugs or crashes, especially in the later stages of the game. To avoid losing your progress, you should backup and copy your save files regularly. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the folder where you extracted the game files, and open the subfolder called "Saved Games".

  • You will see several files with names like "Save01.rxdata", "Save02.rxdata", etc. These are your save files. Each file corresponds to a different save slot in the game.

  • Copy the files that you want to backup, and paste them in another folder or location of your choice. You can also rename them if you want.

  • If you ever need to restore your save files, you can copy them back to the "Saved Games" folder, and overwrite the existing files.

By following these steps, you can download and install Pokemon Godra on your PC, and enjoy playing it without worrying about losing your progress.

How to Play Pokemon Godra

Pokemon Godra is a game that offers a lot of freedom and variety for the player. You can choose your own adventure and explore two regions with different cultures and histories. You can also catch and train many Pokemon, including some that are exclusive to this game. Here are some tips on how to play Pokemon Godra:

How to choose your starter Pokemon

One of the most unique features of Pokemon Godra is that you can choose from 128 starter Pokemon, ranging from Gen I to Gen VI. You can also choose between male and female versions of some Pokemon, such as Eevee or Ralts. To choose your starter Pokemon, you will need to visit Professor Redwood's lab in Rustboro City, which is located in East Godra. There, you will see four tables with different types of Pokeballs: red, blue, green, and yellow. Each table contains 32 Pokeballs with different Pokemon inside them. You can inspect each Pokeball by pressing Z or Enter, and see the name and sprite of the Pokemon inside. You can also press X or Esc to cancel your selection.

To choose your starter Pokemon, you will need to pick one Pokeball from each table, and then place them on a fifth table in the middle of the room. This will create a random combination of four Pokemon for you to choose from. You can repeat this process as many times as you want until you find a combination that you like. Once you have decided on your final four Pokemon, you can press Z or Enter on the fifth table, and then select one of them as your starter Pokemon. The other three Pokemon will be returned to their original tables.

This method of choosing your starter Pokemon allows you to have more options and variety than in any other Pokemon game. However, it also means that some Pokemon may be harder to obtain than others, depending on their rarity and availability. For example, some Pokemon like Charmander or Squirtle may be more common than others like Larvitar or Bagon. Some Pokemon like Feebas or Spiritomb may require special conditions or methods to evolve. Some Pokemon like Mew or Celebi may not be available at all as starters. Therefore, you should consider carefully which Pokemon you want to start with, and how it will affect your gameplay.

How to navigate the two regions

Pokemon Godra has two regions for you to explore: East Godra and West Godra. Each region has its own history, culture, geography, and politics. They also have different gyms, towns, routes, and wild Pokemon. You can travel between the two regions by using boats or trains that are located in certain cities.

East Godra is more similar to the traditional Pokemon regions, such as Kanto or Hoenn. It has a more modern and urban feel, with cities like Rustboro City or Slateport City. It also has more natural and diverse environments, such as forests, mountains, caves, and beaches. East Godra is home to eight gyms that follow the standard type-based system. The gym leaders are Brock (Rock), Misty (Water), Lt. Surge (Electric), Erika (Grass), Janine (Poison), Sabrina (Psych ic), Blaine (Fire), and Giovanni (Ground). The champion of East Godra is Red, the legendary trainer who defeated Team Rocket.

West Godra is more different and unique than the other Pokemon regions. It has a more rural and old-fashioned feel, with towns like Oldale Town or Dewford Town. It also has more harsh and barren environments, such as deserts, swamps, canyons, and volcanoes. West Godra is home to eight gyms that follow a different system than the type-based one. The gym leaders are based on different themes or concepts, such as Luck, Strength, Speed, Intelligence, Beauty, Courage, Friendship, and Justice. The champion of West Godra is Lance, the dragon master


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