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[S1E2] Quit Smoking

Having already succeeded at righting one of the wrongs on his list, Earl must now decide what it is that he wishes to do next. However, he finds it difficult to actually tackle some of the issues head on, as he is afraid of what some people may say to him when they figure out he was responsible for their misfortunes. He decides that he wishes to take the easy way out, and tries to stop smoking in order to make amends for ruining the quality of air with his smoke, though Randy and Catalina have different plans in store for him. Meanwhile, Joy has just discovered that Earl confessed on a video camera that if he were to die, all of his possessions would go to her, so she decides to formulate a plan to kill him so that she can obtain his lottery winnings.

[S1E2] Quit Smoking

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Earl tries to make amends with Donny, an intimidating thug who spent two years in jail for a robbery Earl committed. It turns out the only way Earl can make it up to him is by helping Donny's mom quit smoking. Meanwhile, Joy discovers she's the beneficiary of Earl's will and tries to kill him.

She can tell he wants to ask her something. Already knowing what it is, she tells him to ask. He asks her if she's real. "Well if you can't tell, does it matter?" she replies. Not quite knowing how to respond, he points instead to the display with the guns in it, and asks if 'they' are real? Real enough she says, but he can't kill anyone he's not supposed to. Looking around he takes down a pair of trousers and asks if there's a changing room or a robe or something?. "I can help you or, if you prefer, I can step outside", Angela offers. William takes a second and asks what most people do? Startling him slightly, by starting to unbutton his shirt, telling him he doesn't have to worry about what most people do. When he says he understands, she moves closer wondering if he really understands? Seductively telling him that the hosts are there for him, "myself included." She suggests they can stay in the room together if he likes, take as long as he wants. Thanking her, he tells her he doesn't want to keep his friend waiting, declining. Unfussed she politely leaves him to change on his own. She tells him to take his time.

In the Mezzanine area above the Control Room, Theresa Cullen is pulling out a cigarette out of her cigarette case. Bernard joining her, reaches for her lighter, and warns her that QA will fine her for this, teasingly adding, speaking of her, that the woman in charge is rather 'formidable', as he lights her cigarette. He can just say b***h, she tells him, she hears it enough. Bernard concludes from her smoking and agitation that she's been talking to corporate. But doesn't get to finish as she snaps at him this "character analysis" routine isn't near as charming as he thinks. So it went well then, he smiles. His point proven. Eyeing him, she replies she just wants him to tell her that his department will be ready for the launch. Which he confirms. "And that other thing, Abernathy and the update." she's heard his department is still asking questions. That, he points out, is what they pay them to do, then adds, assuaging her, that he's not concerned. "All the hosts are back to normal," he says. "Good," she says. "Wouldn't want anything disturbing our guests from their rape and pillage." Plucking her lighter back from his fingers she heads off, leaving Bernard smiling a little in her wake.

The boots we see him wearing as he walks through a scrubland area of the Park with Bernard. Bernard is concerned that the board are expecting a new storyline and won't be pleased that Odyssey on Red River has not been approved. Ford reassures him that they will have one. Something he's been working on for quite some time. We see the buried black church spire he was looking at with the little boy. "Something quit original," Ford tells him,

This leaves two problems for the Duttons: one is a religious young man who witnessed Kayce headed to the ill-fated shootout with the Broken Rock tribe, and the other is the coroner's report. It turns out (preposterous alert!) that the young coroner has a penchant for smoking cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid. The second problem includes a corollary subproblem: anyone who sees the photos of Lee's body, or goes further and exhumes it, will eventually discover Kayce's guilt. Gosh, how will the Duttons get out of this one?

At this time, RodneyCrowell was going through a divorce and looking back at what he called his fifteen minutes of country music stardom. He was on the brink of quitting it all when Guy showed up with a song idea.

CORI JENSON: I love that. You already give me such like women power. I adore the fact that you're willing to come on this podcast and we call it Dare to Ask. This particular episode, the whole episode is a dare to ask. Because we're going to get down and quite literally dirty. This will be our poop episode.

KIMBERLY KOLKHORST: There's a physician or a nurse practitioner or PA, somebody you've gone to before and you just didn't feel comfortable and you couldn't share, then go to someone else. Medicine in my opinion is a partnership. And so we have to work together. If we're going to get you better, you have to be honest with me, I have to be honest with you. You've got to quit smoking. If we know that that's what's causing this, we have to work together and we have to be honest too.

Jamie approaches John and says they have a problem. John in turn asks Jamie if he doesn't have a solution. Jamie replies that it requires a few bad solutions.They talk more in the stables, John asking if Kayce had been identified, which he had not been. Tom Reynolds and Aaron McReary are named as the agents that saw him, and John says he'll handle Reynolds but doesn't know McReary. Jamie mentions that he's quite religious and most likely doesn't lie, so John tells him to find out where McReary goes to church.

John then asks what they have on the medical examiner. Jamie mentions he was forced to resign from Chicago because he was caught smoking the embalming fluid. Jamie says if this is found out, all his findings could be ruled inadmissible. He asks John if he wants to push it and John says he'll think about it before walking off. He stops immediately and says not to do anything but to send Rip as he won't negotiate with a drug addict.

Rip is sitting on the corral fence watching Jimmy. He says it's an even bet who quits first. John mentions that Jimmy quit hours ago. Rip says he'll be a cowboy before sundown, but John says the boy is just a favor.

At the county medical examiner's office, the examiner is smoking embalming fluid. Rip scares the guy when he asks why he does that from the door. When the man says he wants to forget everything, Rip retorts that he wouldn't be there if that were the case. The coroner gets angry and picks up a handheld electric drill, asking if he wants to fight. Rip has him come over and easily disarms and and knocks the guy out. --

Trying to teach Brighton to be nicer to his sisters, Fran and Val tell him the story of a kid they knew who was meaner than him. Brighton takes that as a challenge and gets a note from his principal about being caught smoking. When Fran realizes that she might be Brighton's "inspiration", she decides to keep it from Mr. Sheffield. Fearing a retaliation from Brighton, she decides to tell him the truth, but is surprised when Brighton doesn't blame her. Nonetheless, he still has to learn his lesson, so Fran takes Brighton to see her chain-smoking grandma Yetta.

On occasion, the circle scenes are followed by scenes where the characters act sober while being still high, but more often that not, no one seems to suffer any ill effects after the fact. A notable case was the second-to-last episode where a particularly potent "stash" was acquired by the gang when Fez's friend from his homeland visited[2]. Hyde actually quit smoking for a period of time because he got too high.

Only certain patients qualify for the low dose CT scans. Currently, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends them for patients ages 50-80 who have a tobacco exposure of 20 pack years, meaning they smoked a pack a day or more for 20 years. Patients who have quit smoking and did so within the past 15 years (with a 20-pack-year history) are also eligible for the scans.

Despite Stamper's efforts, Rachel develops a friendship with a woman she meets on a city bus named Lisa Williams. She also begins attending Lisa's church, the Fellowship. Lisa moves out of her home when her roommate starts smoking meth and she moves in with Rachel. They start having an intimate relationship when they discover they trust and care deeply for each other. Stamper finds out about the relationship and orders Rachel to end it, because he wants to be the only person Rachel needs. She breaks up with Lisa for her safety. He then gets her from bed in the middle of the night and drives her out to nowhere, not saying anything. She jumps out of the car and runs into the woods. Doug follows and Rachel ambushes him and beats him unconscious with a rock, then steals Doug's car.

Despite that, the rest of the play will go well and as everyone bows at the end, Rachel will grab Chloe and drag her onto the stage to join the rest of the cast. The mysterious woman will be seen smoking a cigarette and leaving the play. 041b061a72


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