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Wall Street Raider Full Version

Wall Street Raider Full Version

Wall Street Raider is a realistic and sophisticated simulation game that lets you play as a billionaire tycoon, investing and speculating in the stock market, corporate takeovers, and various financial instruments. The game has been around since 1986, and has been continually updated and improved over the years. The latest version, 9.75, was released in January, 2023, and offers many new features and challenges for players who want to test their skills and strategies in the world of high finance.

What can you do in Wall Street Raider?

In Wall Street Raider, you start with $100 million in cash, and you can invest it in any of the 1590 companies that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. You can also buy or sell options, futures, bonds, commodities, currencies, and interest rate swaps. You can use various techniques to manipulate the market, such as insider trading, stock buybacks, hostile takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, greenmail, spin-offs, and more. You can also influence the economy and the government by lobbying for tax cuts, bailouts, subsidies, tariffs, regulations, and other policies. You can compete or cooperate with up to 5 other players or computer-controlled investors. You can also customize the game settings to suit your preferences and goals.


What are the differences between the shareware and the full version?

The shareware version of Wall Street Raider is free to download and play, but it has some limitations compared to the full version. The shareware version allows you to play games of up to 2 years (about one hour of play), while the full version allows you to play games of up to 35 years. The shareware version also does not allow you to buy options, make short sales, enter into interest rate swaps, cheat more than once per game, or view stock charts. The full version has all these features enabled, as well as some additional options and enhancements.

Where can you download or buy Wall Street Raider?

You can download the shareware version of Wall Street Raider from several major download sites on the Internet, such as [], [Softpedia], or [CNET]. You can also download it directly from the developer's website at [Ronin Software]. If you like the game and want to buy the full version, you can order it online from [Ronin Software] for $29.95 (or $24.95 if you are a student or senior citizen). You can pay by credit card or PayPal, and you will receive a registration code by email that will unlock all the features of the full version. You can also order a printed manual for $11.95 if you prefer.

Why should you play Wall Street Raider?

Wall Street Raider is not just a game; it is also a learning tool that can teach you a lot about finance, economics, business, and investing. The game is based on realistic models and data that reflect the real-world dynamics of the market and the economy. The game also provides detailed information and explanations for all the concepts and terms that are used in the game. By playing Wall Street Raider, you can improve your financial literacy and acumen, as well as your analytical and decision-making skills. You can also have fun and challenge yourself by trying different scenarios and strategies in the game.

Wall Street Raider is one of the most comprehensive and realistic simulation games available today. It is suitable for anyone who is interested in finance, business, or investing, or who just wants to have some fun and excitement in the virtual world of Wall Street. If you want to experience what it is like to be a Wall Street Baron, then you should try Wall Street Raider today!


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