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Olympic weightlifting for Power Development

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

As power is a vital aspect of many sport's performances, finding ways to optimise athletic power is of great importance (Docherty et al., 2004). Studies have indicated that seven independent qualities contribute to an athlete's ability to generate power (Newton and Dugan, 2002). The seven qualities:

  1. Reactive strength

  2. Maximum strength

  3. Low-load strength (<30% of 1RM)

  4. High-load strength (>30% of 1RM)

  5. Skill performance

  6. Rate of force development

  7. Power endurance

In most situations, Olympic Weightlifting movements drop into athletic strength exercises as merely due to these exercises requiring athletes to move heavy loads as quickly as possible, requiring high-level explosive strength.


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Newton, R.U., and E. Dugan. Application of strength diagnosis. Strength Cond. J. 24 (5), p. 50–59. 2002.

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